Brahm Gyan

‘Brahm Gyan’ (Divine Knowledge) is an eternal meditation technique through which we can practically experience and realize the true self (Atman).

This process involves the opening of the Third Eye (Divine Eye), and entails extraordinary perception of four fundamental attributes of the Atman within.

Divine Light:

It is, verily, the metaphysical form of the True Self (Atman), which, in its resplendent light form, pervades our inner core.

Divine Music:

It is the eternal music, ever reverberating within.

Holy Name:

It is the Primordial Vibration that has manifested itself as the Universe and is the lifeline of all existence on Earth, flowing within our Prana – the Vital breaths.

Holy Nectar:

It is the Ultimate Elixir percolating within the human brain from a location called ‘Brahm Randra’ in Sanskrit.

Not only these, but one can procures many more Celestial Visions and Experiences upon regular Abhaysa (Practice) upon learning the meditation technique.

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