Antarkranti – prisoners’ reformation and rehabilitation


Having a criminal record can become hard to deal with; it can also be a cause of the development of severe personality disorders. That being said, these individuals upon their release become a far greater threat than they were previously. Antarkranti is the Prisoners’ Reformation and post-release Rehabilitation Program of Divya Jyoti Jagrati Sansthan that has been going on for the past 18 years and spans across 22 jails.


Divya Jyoti Jagrati Sansthan is convinced about the fact that by awakening divinity within an individual and providing adequate support, the individual can be emancipated from a shackled life of wrong actions and be made part of what we call our mainstream society.


Pursuing this strong belief, the organization has taken on what most would say a tough challenge in driving a reformation program in Asia’s largest jail, Central Prison, Tihar; which is also where this program began in 1995.


To empower inmates with skills of self-sufficiency and to prepare them for post release, the Antarkranti program has developed avenues within the jail premises for training in making:

Herbal Cosmetics

Paper/Cloth Carry Bags

Terracotta Decorations

Seasonal and Occasional Utility Items


This program has reached and benefited thousands of prisoners- men, women, youth and their families through three (3) dimensional approaches:


Transformation of personalities of prisoners within the jail

Spiritual sessions are conducted and representatives from DJJS personally connect with the inmates.

The inmates of this program are now often found doing meditation, exploring their inner realms.

Many of the released inmates are now a part of this movement and have turned to being reformers.


Helps and supports the families outside

The Antarkranti program supports families by facilitating employment programs for the elder members ad ensuring continued education for the children.


Post release rehabilitation

Facing immediate rejection and derision from the community, these individuals feel that they carry a stigma that wont ever wash away even if they have changed directions in their life.

Post release, Antarkranti helps develop the skills and talents of these released prisoners so they may be able to lead dignified lives free of crime.