Bodh – Drug Abuse Eradication

The usage of drugs be it on occasion or on a daily basis is gravely impacting our society today. The youth today sees and hears about their very role models entangled by these intoxications. These intoxicants not only cause harm to one’s body, but also their power to think. Today these drugs are not merely impacting our society in a negative aspect, but are also the root cause that millions of people face today. It is observed that though treatment is available, majority of the treated addicts relapse within a short period after treatment. This reveals that although the body of an addict could be detoxified, we are failing to treat the mind of the addict. The crux of the problem – addiction lies in the mind.


The emphatic combination of medical interventions in detoxification of body and spiritual principles of eternal self realization ‘Dhyan Therapy’ in detoxification of mind is capable approach to redefine the drug menace control system.



Promoting Dhyan Therapy’ as a solution to mental obsession.

Educating masses about the ill effects of drugs.

Correctional and rehabilitation measures for the drug dependents.



One-on-One counseling

Group sensitization camps

Drug abuse eradication camps

Initiation into ‘Dhyan Therapy’



UNODC, India

Intel Corporation Ltd, Bengaluru

Small and Medium scale Enterprises