Manthan – education program for the less fortunate


The children from poor background (slums) have limited availability of qualified teachers or good institutions. What’s worse is a vast amount of this population, whether children or adults have never had the opportunity to go to school to receive an education and if they have they’ve been forced to drop out at such young ages to go work to help support their family.


Divya Jyoti Jagrati Sansthan has set out to provide an education to those who aren’t fortunate enough or those who want to learn and can’t. The organization has opened up schools where children can come learn without their parents having to worry about having to meet a deadline to pay their fees, as there are no fees. Though this program has been started more recently, various school have opened up in Delhi and as of late in Punjab as well, with over 500 children enlisted.


This program isn’t only for the children. There are also classes that are held for adults so that they can help their children in creating a working environment at home as well as to teach them the importance of receiving an education so that they can encourage and help their children.