Santulan – Gender Equality Program

Gender Equality is the first and the foremost human right. Empowered women contribute effectively to the global developmental process. Yet, discrimination against women and girls including gender based violence, economic disparities, reproductive health inequities, and harmful traditional practices remain the most persistent form of inequality. These result in higher vulnerability of women to rapes, abduction, trafficking, sexual assaults, dowry deaths, honor killings and the worst form being sex selective abortions (female feticide). The aim of this program is to establish Gender Equality and Equity in the society.


DJJS has been continuously alleviating women from the vicious cycle of subordination through ‘Ideological empowerment’ using psycho-spiritual tools.  We identify that the root cause of ingrained gender inequality lies in the human mindsets. Therefore, DJJS uses its unique approach of ‘Grooming’ to ensure mental and social transformation in Gender Perspective at the grass root level.


DJJS also uses social tools as well to construct ‘Ideal Sustainable Lifestyles’. Grooming approach is effective in sensitizing masses, advocacy as well as capacity building of women. This involves propagation of righteous values and cracking of age old beliefs that justify the subordinate status of women.




Eliminate Son Preference Syndrome

Elimination of Sex Selective Abortions

Economic Empowerment of Women through Livelihoods

Ideological Empowerment of Women through Capacity Building

Empowerment of Women through Education

Sensitization of Masses in Gender Perspective



Mass Sensitization

Advocacy Through Spiritual Sessions

Capacity Building of Women